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A bit is busy and its not bees - fishing


We all have used buzz baits and we know why the bass like them right? It's for the reason that of that a small amount cascade of water. Wrong! It's the sound! Yep, sound attracts the bass then sight.

Bass has exceptional earshot and sound travels 5 times earlier in the water than in air.

On the other hand water isn't a good conductor for light waves. Since only a few of your casts land by a fish, using a lure like a buzz bait that produces sound is a good thing.

Cast that buzz bait in the same locality a few times and let the bass hone in on it. If you're having late hits (when the bass hit after the buzz bait) then slow down a diminutive bit.

Keep the buzzbait on top and make sure the blades are going about to make the noise you need but don't reel it so fast that the fish can't isolate the location.

Just consider to let the fish have time to hone in on your lure and do it by slowing down your presentation.

Charles E. White has fished for just about 50 years for bass from California to Florida. In his lifetime, it is estimated that he has fixed over 6,000 bass. His chief bass is a 12 pound 14 ounce that hangs on his wall in his office.

Charles has fished with colonize who have never fished for bass beforehand and skilled them how to befit lucrative anglers and also has fished with the Pros in Florida. His new website about fishing for bass is at:

http://www. bassfishingweekly. com


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