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Have you ever accepted wisdom why fishing timbers is so productive? Well, for one, most anglers don't want to fish them since they're frightened of down a $5. 00 lure. This makes it advance for us that are enthusiastic to take the risk. Sure, you get those who will throw a spinnerbait on the top of the wood but the fish are in the timber. You need to throw crankbaits or pitch a tube or jig to catch the fish. Most of the fish never see a spinnerbait. Also all knows that the bass will use that cover to break free if they can, again behind a lure in some cases.

So, how do you know where to fish in a lake full of trees? Well, you don't pay awareness to the trees to start with and look for assembly below the surface. Creek channels are a good place to start. They are the freeways for bass. Look for points, road beds and bends. In the bounce look for spawning areas. So, the first step in fishing trees is to use your topo map and depth finder. Once you fish an area throughly, then use the map and depth finder to find other seats like where you jammed fish. You will want to pay interest to the flavor too, altered patterns for another seasons. Find cover that hold a assortment of cover not just one type.

Trees that have foliage nearby, altered types of trees, trees by drop-offs are are good spaces to fish. If you have all continuance lumber and see one tree laying down in the water, then by all means fish the laydown throughly. Pine trees aren't actually a good place to start, maybe they give off a scent but bass don't seem to like them very well. On the other hand cedar and oak are both good trees to fish.

Try fishing with a squared lipped crankbait that will chew on and have changeable development when it hits something. Try flippin and pitchin a jig or tube. Get down to where the fish are, if you're not receiving hung up, then you doubtless aren't where the fish are located. Once you start contagious fish in wood then pay awareness to the depth you catch the fish at, most of the time they stay in the same depth range in timber.

Fish timber, it's productive, find the bed arrangement you need and get down to where the fish are.

Charles has fished for bass for just about 50 years. He has fished from Florida to California and has jammed more than 6,000 bass in his lifetime. His chief bass is 12 pounds 14 ounces. Charles has owned two tackle supplies in his lifetime. He now resides in Ohio. Charles is webmaster for: http://www. bassfishingweekly. com


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