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Our bushel are home to many maritime mammals, fish, turtles, corals and others. The delicate calculate connecting man and the ocean is constantly being challenged by the hassle of our society. Most of our earth is roofed by water, a de rigueur ingredient of human life. The state of our heap must be greatest in our minds in order for class of life for all species to continue as it is.

Florida's West Indiana Manatee-What is Carnage Them? The top manatee story after the fresh hurricanes was in Lee District where residents rescued a manatee that was the victim of Cyclone Charley's storm surge. The stunned and tired manatee was marked onto Pearl Boulevard after the storm surge receded. This was one manatee that did not have to be incorporated in the mortality figures this year.

The manatees killed this year are on bad terms into categories by the Florida Fish and Natural world Commission. 1/1/04 - 9/30/04 numbers: Watercraft-60, Flood Gates-1, Other human-4, Perinatal-65, Cold-36, Natural-20, Undetermined-43, Unrecovered-2 for a total of 231.

According to the February 2004 count of manatees in Florida by the Florida Fish & Flora and fauna Conservation Appointment there were only 2568 manatees left behind in Florida.

If you see a dead or injured manatee or one that's been hurried while in Florida, delight call the Florida Fish and Animals Conservation Commission's toll-free hotline at 1-888-404-FWCC.

Lastly, as a visitor to our hot paradise, do not approach, touch, feed or water manatees. It is adjacent to the law and carries a fine as well as a feasible jail term. Use your camera to make memories, not a law enforcement experience.

Dolphins - Our choice Maritime Mammal. Dolphins are not scarce at this time, but the Nautical Animal Defense Act of 1972 requires you to stay away from them. Do not further them into the path of hazard by boats or other human interaction. Wild dolphins have been found injured by firecrackers positioned down their blow hold, beer poured over them and into their blow hold and other horror stories. These delightful creatures think man is their associate but the next character they meet may be their enemy instead.

There are certified amenities where you can interrelate carefully with dolphins that have been raised in custody or rescued.

Sea Turtles-Has the 2004 gale flavor hurt their recovery? South Florida is home to Loggerheads, Leatherbacks and Green sea turtles. Hawksbill and Kemp's ridley have infrequently been found. These are the five species found in US waters in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The people of loggerheads nesting along the Atlantic coast of Florida is the agree with biggest in the world. The nesting period runs from about May to September and surrounded by approximately 60 days of nesting, the hatchlings too are in danger.

It is too soon to have counts, but the yearly facts will bring to light the losses. The Florida Fish and Animals Conservation Agency will be exposure the 2004 records early next year.

There are other dangers to our sea turtles. The turtle sanatorium in Marathon, Florida treats a array of turtle ailments, such as flipper amputations caused by fishing line and trap rope entanglements, shell break caused by boat collisions, and intestinal impactions caused by intake of alien cloth such as forced bags, balloons and fishing lines. Turtles love jellyfish and shrimp and consume filters from cigarettes and false in error. Turtles that died from malnourishment were found with a stomach full of cigarette filters.

The most hot nesting totals for Florida's turtles from the Florida Fish and Birds Conservation Appoint for the year 2003 is:

Loggerheads: 63,446

Green Turtles: 2262

Leatherbacks: 842


1. Never throw litter on the beach or in the water.

2. If pets are permitted on the beach, keep them leashed at all times.

3. Obey all beach rules and stay away from turtle nesting sites.

4. Help allotment the word about sea turtles. The more citizens know, the more they will want to help them.

5. Watch for turtles while boating.

6. At some point in nesting seasons, turn illumination facing the beach off or have apposite filters.

7. Participate in local beach and reef cleanups.

8. Do not buy sea turtle products-jewelry, oil, leather, meat or eggs.

Kathy Runk has been a volunteer exhibit guide at the Inhabitant Aquarium in Baltimore, volunteer for the Save the Manatee Club in Florida, attended Dolphinlab in Marathon, Florida and adopted Elsie the manatee, dolphins Merina and her baby Calusa. Kathy is the owner of http://www. myoceantreasures. com that sells ocean themed earrings and gifts.


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