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Lake trout are a type of fish that are entirely altered then any other fish. Those that like to go lake trout fishing, know that they are challenging to catch. Except you know just how to do so, well, your odds are small of in fact in receipt of one. Lake trout fish are the ones all and sundry wants all the same as their size can be enormous! Lake trout fishing is a great type of fishing, but you will need the awareness of these fish already you begin to fish them.

There are many exclusive qualities to lake trout. One of the most critical is their size. The background authority for lake trout is over 102 pounds! Assume bringing that in! The be around credence depends on what the fish eats. Those lake trout that can assistance from being in a lake with ciscoes, smelt or sculpins will grow to large sizes. These lake trout are called Siscowets or fat trout. Those that don't have this array of small fish to eat, will eat plankton, insects, and crustaceans. Obviously, this fish is not going to weigh all but as much.

Another distinctive characteristic of the lake trout is where they live. Like other trout, they enjoy well oxygenated, cold, and clear water. But to find the class of this type of water that they need, the lake trout like to live deep. Another times of the year will bring them to another levels in the water. At some stage in the cold, chill months, you can find lake trout in 20 feet or less of water. But, in the summer months, they like to be in 50-100 feet deep water. In fact, the Siscowets go much farther than down to 500 feet! It is since of this depth that lake trout enjoy that keep lake trout fishing a challenging type.

While lake trout are found in much of western and northern United States and Canada, since they live so far down that you will need to do some base fishing using rigs to bring that fish up. And, the argue will be a long, hard fought one at that! Do enjoy your lake trout fishing.

Ken Austin
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