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Anglers who want characteristic gear at a cheap price need the garmin 160 fish finder - fishing


The Garmin 160 Fish Finder has some big compensation over the competition. First, the elite See-Thru? know-how allows the Fishfinder 160 to hear both weak and bright signals simultaneously, bountiful it tremendous dynamic range. The consequence is a ceremony that is clever of viewing beefy fish proceeds even when fish are balanced contained by build up and thermoclines. Second, Depth Illicit Gain (DCGTM) consequentially adjusts fishfinder sensitivity according to depth, not echo intensity like other fishfinders. The conclusion is a much more exhaustive and correct adventure of bed structure.

On more than a few occasions I've been on the water, paddling away in my kayak when my alarm will go off. A quick back-paddle to drop the line means that the Garmin 160 Fish Finder just about continually pays dividends.

It includes a false glass mount transducer with depth temperature. Working frequency of 200 kHz. Beamwidth of 20 degrees. Transducer kit comes with installation instructions. Abide by the advice cautiously so you don't mangle your boat in the process.

As an added plus to anglers, the Fishfinder 160 offers a defensive front cover and water hotness readings as banner unit features. In addition, water heat is displayed below the depth conception for quick visual reference, and a distinctive be in command of bar identifies the most normally used fishing settings.

The GARMIN 160 Fish Finder : raising the bar for anglers who want class gear at a affordable price.

NS Kennedy is a keen open-air sportsman - chiefly hunting and fishing - and loves to find out about new gadgets and gizmos that he can use. He ongoing his site Garmin GPS Direction-finding Reviews http://www. garmin-gps-navigation. com to share his tips and findings with other sportsmen.


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