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When fishing for bass in deep water try a spinnerbait that you have confidence in and have used to catch fish before. If the fish are immobile try a slow study retrieve. Spinnerbaits as you know, construct a shaking that attracts bass. Use a spinnerbait that has bike blades and fish from shallow to deep. You can also use lesser blades that will allow the spinnerbait to run deeper. Try a 3/4 to 1 ounce spinnerbait.

Spinnerbaits can:

Draw bass from further than away than most lures.
Help find the fish faster.
Imitate more kinds of baitfish.

A nice rod for a spinnerbait is a 6 1/2- 7 foot medium/heavy rod. In clear, calm water try a dark color that will not blend in with the sky when a bass sees it from below. Fish can see it better.

Some good insignia to try are:

Chartreuse and White,
Firetiger and

While most citizens commend a spinnerbait for shallow water fishing, once you use this techniques in deep water, it will clearly develop into one of your beloved ways to catch that weary old bass.

Another way you can fish with the spinnerbait in deep water is to use it like a jig. Throw the lure out and then lift your rod 6-12 inches at a time and let it fall back down. I have had sensation with both of these techniques. As Mikey says "Try It You Might Like It".

Charles has fished for bass for just about 50 years. He has fished from Florida to California and has immovable more than 6,000 bass in his lifetime. His largest bass is 12 pounds 14 ounces. Charles has helped many young citizens start their fishing career and has owned two fishing tackle food in his lifetime. He now resides in Ohio. Charles is webmaster for: http://www. bassfishingweekly. com


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